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Hand crafted from the woods

All our products are designed for a lifetime. we go the extra steps to make sure all our items are strong, hand wearing and easily maintained. We design our products so that consumable parts such as soles of shoes and boots can be easily replaced. Just send us your items and we'll give them a service.

If you like to make an order or have any questions regarding our products please email us at:

Products: Products

Custom Belts

From £125

Your inspired ideas come to life with our leather and craftsmanship. Design your own pattern work and we'll make it for you.


Wood and Leather Messenger Bags


By using a traditional bag making technique of wooden side panels we can create a sturdy messenger bag great for protecting laptops, ipads and all of your other precious cargo. Leather is of course our handcrafted deer skin , the ash wood panels are from milled timber. Both deer and leather are sourced from our associate woodland.

Holster Bags


A unique style of bag, allowing a harness to take the work of carrying your most valued possessions. Great for travelling or exploring in the woodland. A bush craft favourite.


Bespoke Men's Boots


Hand crafted bespoke boots and shoes made from our our own Wildmoor deer leather.

Water Bottle Holder


Always make sure you stay hydrated! Our holder features our favourite geometric flower of life design.


Bespoke Womens Boots


Hand crafted bespoke boots make from our own Wildmoor leather.

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